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My ethos continues to be the pursuit of making you look more attractive, naturally and as economically as possible.

I’m very much aware that there is an increasing choice of clinics offering ever cheaper deals on Botox®, fillers and  other treatments.  I always understand the need to try someone whose prices are more competitive and will also welcome you back if it doesn’t work out.

What I can offer you is the Botox® dose that is right for you with free top-ups as necessary up to 3 weeks following treatment.  Less experienced practitioners tend to use alternative treatments to the gold standard  “Botox®” (if it’s not made by Allergan, now part of Abbvie) then it is not Botox®, whatever other practitioners say it is.   They also tend to use weaker doses which can result in you having to attend for multiple top-ups as the effects just won’t last well. I haven’t increased my prices for treatments and skincare for 8 years and I won’t be doing so while current economic conditions continue.

While Botox® is often the no.1 treatment to freshen your look, what I find really exciting is what can be done with fillers.

Clever use of fillers will make your face slimmer and more contoured.  I’m using multiple fillers to reduce jowls and a double chin.  Fillers can very successfully correct undereye hollowing and dark circles.  All these issues are common at all ages. It is quite noticeable that many adults even in their 20’s look tired due to a genetic lack of support in the undereye area.

These are tried and tested techniques, developed by world expert plastic surgeons.  It is from these experts that I’ve learned my skills over the years.  What is telling is that these leaders are no longer practising plastic surgery.  This is because the results they achieve with skilled use of multiple fillers can create the same effects as face lifts at a more economical price for both surgeon and patient without the risk and downtime of a surgical procedure.  The results achieved can be phenomenal and photographically evident.  What’s more, fillers are so long lasting that the effects can last for years, with only small top-ups being needed from time to time.  Finally, what is reassuring is that these hyaluronic acid based fillers can be dissolved very quickly if desired.


(1) I’m committed to helping you achieve your best look using fillers.  Below are some strategies to help with a limited budget:

(a) Split filler sessions into several smaller sessions concentrating on correcting one area at a time, eg. correction of a tired look due to undereye/upper cheek volume loss, correcting jowling/double chin.
(b)  Giving generous discounts when more than one area is treated.

(2) Profhilo – half price at £300, paid in advance for two treatments.  Offer ends in December 2022 for London clients (April 2023 for Bath/Chipping Norton/Scottish clients). This filler boosts the skin’s hydration, making it glow.  The two treatments are spaced by one month.  Profhilo can be used on the face, neck and décolleté.   Two treatments are necessary for each area.  My offer applies to one, two or three areas should you wish.  Scottish clients are able to book either October and November 2022 clinics or March/April 2023 clinics.

(3)  Refer a friend and you both receive 10% off your total bill – ongoing offer.

(4)  Receive tretinoin 0.05% (worth £60) free of charge when you purchase skin/eyelash enhancement products to the value of £120.  Offer ends at Christmas.

NEW FULHAM CLINIC from November 14th 2022:  7 Ranelagh Avenue, SW6 3PJ

This clinic will replace the Wimbledon clinic while the house is undergoing renovations.  The Fulham clinic is a 3-minute walk from Putney Bridge tube station and there are metered parking bays available on Ranelagh Avenue and neighbouring streets.  Clinics will replace Wimbledon clinic times, ie. held on Monday mornings and on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons/evenings.

October 6th, 20th; November 17th; December 1st, 15th; January 19th 2023.

Chipping Norton
October 7th, 21st; November 18th; December 2nd, 16th; January 20th 2023.

October 22nd; November 26th; January 28th 2023.

October 23rd, November 27th, January 29th 2023.


October 31st to November 6th 2022
November 9th to 11th 2022
December 22nd 2022 to January 15th 2023


We take AMEX; however, as the contactless system does not work for AMEX cards, may I ask you to bring in your card should you wish to pay using this method.


Many clients are either not showing up for appointments or are cancelling on the day.  While some may have a good reason, we unfortunately operate a strict policy in that a deposit of £100 will need to be paid in advance for your next appointment, refundable against any treatment.  Please note that we do not charge consultation fees and as our clinics are often over-subscribed, cancellation with less than 48 hours notice results in an unfilled appointment.

We very much look forward to seeing you at one of our clinics in the near future.

With all best wishes,
Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG MBCAM
Dr Helen St John
020 8946 9694