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New Wimbledon Park clinic

I’m delighted to be going back to Arthur Road, a moment’s walk from Wimbledon Park tube station.

Regal Nails, 144 Arthur Road, SW19 8AQ is a family run refurbished salon.  Clinics will be held Mondays to Thursdays.  Parking on Arthur Road is free from 3pm Monday to Friday.

Polynucleotide treatment (PN) – Plinest by Mastelli Laboratories

Special offer: 1 area – course of 3 £750 2 areas; course of three £1250

The latest advances in the field of aesthetic medicine are all about skin regeneration. This essentially means encouraging your skin to rejuvenate itself.

PN is not a filler and therefore will not add volume or change the contours of your face.  These DNA fragments act on your fibroblast cells to boost production of collagen and elastin, production of which declines as we age.

It’s great for loose wrinkled skin, particularly so around the eyes and mouth, for shallow cheek lines that form when we smile and for non-facial areas, eg. neck, décolleté and hands.

In fact, the neck is a particularly difficult area to rejuvenate.  Botox works well for those “turkey bands” but standard fillers can’t be used in this area. I feel that PN is the way forward for aged skin in all the above areas.

A course of three or four treatments  are necessary, ideally spaced 3 weeks apart.

Pre treatment advice:  you should not have had Covid infection or vaccination within a two week period of this course.  I advise arnica 30c tablets to be taken two days in advance of each treatment to reduce the chance of  swelling and bruising.

Treatment sessions:  I like to apply anaesthetic cream for 30 mins beforehand to ensure the treatment is comfortable.  PN is a gel injected in lots of tiny droplets to cover the area using a tiny needle (the same size as a Botox needle).  Treatment will usually take about 10 mins.

Aftercare: Tiny  visible bumps will be noticeable following treatment which might persist until the following day.  You will be advised not to touch the area and to avoid wearing make-up for at least 4 hours.

PN takes time to work so you may not see any visible improvement until after your second treatment.

NAD+ boosting supplements

Introductory offer: £60 per month for 3 months, free delivery

As we age, so do our energy levels and our ability to repair ourselves after injury.  Think tiredness, lack of drive, slow recovery following exercise.  The enzyme NAD+ is vital for our cells to function.   It is the energy  “powerhouse “ without which we could not survive.

NAD+ levels decline by 50% every 20 years after age 20.  Therefore, by age 60 we have only a quarter of this energy booster than we had aged 20.

Nuchido’s “Time” supplement which  has been subjected to rigorous scientific trials, gives you the building blocks you need to make your own  NAD+.  One cannot take NAD+ directly as it is a large molecule and will not pass through cellular barriers.  This is where other companies claiming to boost NAD+ come unstuck, making false claims without the science.

After 3 months of  taking Nuchido’s time supplements, I feel sharper,  more optimistic and energetic. I shall be taking it for life and I urge you to try it for 3 months.


St John Clinic is now offering Profhilo treatment.

Ongoing special offer at £200 per 2ml syringe – treatment for face, neck or décolleté.

Please email the clinic to make an appointment:

Profhilo is a liquid hydrating treatment for face and neck.  This hyaluronic acid based filler is different to the more classical dermal fillers (such as Juvederm), in that it specifically targets the skin and improves its texture without adding volume to the face or neck.  Think of it as a liquid, spreading filler which boosts the skin’s appearance.  This hydration results in glowing skin, improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and in the structure of the skin over time, due to its positive effect on the production of collagen and elastin.

Please note that Profhilo will not replace the effects of classical dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, which can erase deeper lines and which actively lift skin and improve jowling.

The treatment is straightforward, quick to perform, at 10 minutes for a full face or neck treatment.  It is not painful and bruising is uncommon as these are such shallow injections, and you can resume work and social activities straight away.

Two treatments are necessary, spaced one month apart. For more damaged skin, three treatments spaced monthly are advised.


Latisse/Lumigan eyelash enhancement

We pride ourselves on being as competitively priced as possible.  Prices include first class tracked postage to UK addresses (Ireland and international addresses for a £5 surcharge).  An applicator brush/tube is also included.

The health of your eyes is vitally important, and whilst eyelash enhancement serum is safe for almost all of my clients to use, I have always retained the services of a consultant ophalmologist should you experience any concerns with this product.

 3ml bottles



1 bottle



2 bottles



4 bottles



6 bottles



Latisse/Lumigan is the brand name for this eyelash enhancement product, which gained FDA approval about 15 years ago.  This is the only prescription eyelash enhancement product which is backed by scientific trials to prove effectiveness.  Other non-prescription products bought over the counter do not contain this drug and are merely hair conditioners.

This eye drop, when applied to the roots of the upper lashes daily for 16 weeks, doubles lash fullness and makes lashes longer and darker. Results may well be noted from 3 to 4 weeks of continuous daily use, but it is thought that maximum effects take up to 16 weeks to fully develop.  There are anecdotal reports that application directly to the eyebrow results in stimulation of hair growth to this area.

When eyelash enhancement is discontinued, lashes will slowly return to their previous appearance.

If you have eye problems, you must consult your doctor before using this product.

If you have an eye condition such as glaucomamacular oedema or eye inflammation, or if you have questions about Latisse’s effects on your eye health, please discuss this with your ophthalmologist.

Common side-effects are itchy or red eyes.  Eyelid skin darkening may occur which is likely to be reversible. Lumigan may very rarely cause increased brown pigmentation of the coloured part of the eye which is likely to be permanent. This side-effect may occur in those with mainly brown eyes.  Hair may grow on the skin that eyelash enhancement frequently touches.

Shrinkage of the fat cells in the tissues around the eyes might result in a slightly hollowed look in susceptible clients.  This has been reported in clients using these drops in the eye for the treatment of glaucoma.  It is not known if this side-effect occurs in those using drops on the eyelid skin for purposes of eyelash enhancement.  Conversely, this side-effect can improve the appearance of those with puffiness around the eyes where there is excess periorbital fat.  This side-effect is reported to usually reverse within weeks of discontinuing the use of this product.

Although no studies have confirmed harm in pregnancy,  we would advise against its use in pregnant and breastfeeding women 


You can now order this product via the SHOP tab on our homepage.


1   Send an email to: including the following personal details:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Full postal address (for receipt of your order by recorded delivery)

2   State the number of months you wish to order (please see price list above)

3   We will email you a consent form.  Please read and agree to it and email it back to us.

 We will call you to take payment by debit/credit card.  The product will then be dispatched to you.

Please expect to receive your order within 2 to 5 business days.

Filler Face Lift

Mrs TS before Mrs TS after
Mrs TS before Mrs TS after 7 fillers

London client 2023 before                    After Botox and 7 fillers


Cost per Juvederm filler £395
Buy 4ml receive 1ml free
Buy 7ml receive 2ml free

Jaw re-shaping:  Pay for 3 fillers, receive one free

When taken within a 6-month period

Expected to last more than 2 years

Maintenance 1 or 2 fillers per year



Forthcoming Scottish clinics – 2024:

Aberdeen / Edinburgh  – every 8 weeks approx.

Edinburgh – Inverleith Dental Centre, 25 Inverleith Row, EH3 5QH

  • Saturdays: July 20th, September 28th

Aberdeen – I Smile Dental Clinic, 322 George Street, AB25 1HJ

  • Sundays:  July 21st, September 29th

Forthcoming Bath clinics – 2024:

2nd Thursday of the month:   July 11th, August 15th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th, December 12th

Address:  St John clinic at the Apthorp Centre, Weston Road, Bath BA1 2XT

Forthcoming Banbury clinics (replaced Chipping Norton) – 2024:

Friday June 28th, Friday July 26th, Saturday September 14th

Address: 45 The Green Dental Practice, 45 S Bar Street, Banbury OX16 9AB

Pay & Display parking is available at the front of the clinic.



All appointments 020 8946 9694 or

Clinic schedule from Easter 2024:

Monday:           Wimbledon Park (10.15am – 1.45pm) / Richmond (3pm – 5pm)

Tuesday:           Richmond (10am – 1pm) / Wimbledon Park (3pm – 6pm)

Wednesday:     Richmond (10am – 1pm) / Wimbledon Park (3pm – 6pm)

Thursday:         Wimbledon Park (10.15am to 11.30am) / Richmond (1pm to 3pm)

Thursday:        Bath:  2nd Thursday of the month

Friday:              Banbury, Oxfordshire:  (once per month)

Saturday/Sunday:  Edinburgh/Aberdeen (every 8 weeks approx.).

The Fulham clinic has now closed.





Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG MBCAM

Modern rejuvenation techniques have empowered us in the fight against the effects of ageing, ensuring that we look our best and feel good about ourselves whilst enjoying our lives to the full.

The St John Clinic was founded in 1995 by Dr. Helen St. John MBChB MRCOG to provide facial rejuvenation using the latest proven techniques with muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers and Obagi skincare, as well as treatments for medical indications including the highly successful treatment of excessive sweating of face and underarms and for bruxism (tooth clenching),  all provided with sound medical practice.

Whilst undergoing rejuvenation treatment at The St John Clinic you can be confident that you are in the safe hands of a fully qualified doctor as Dr St John carries out all treatments herself. Rejuvenation is carried out without surgery.

Dr St John MBChB MRCOG MBCAM has worked as a doctor for 26 years. Much of her postgraduate training has been in the surgical specialty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology culminating in membership to the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (MRCOG).

Skin Rejuvenation

Twenty years ago she saw the potential of non surgical treatments to rejuvenate the face. Her practice, the St John Clinic has expanded with the addition of a highly successful treatment for excessive underarm perspiration (hyperhidrosis)

Find out more about Hyperhidrosis treatment