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Botox® Muscle Relaxing Injections

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Botox® Face (Men and Women)

Pricing is based on number of zones treated.

1 zone   £200.00
2 zones   £300.00
3 zones   £395.00
Extra zones from  £25.00
Extra zones (neck and jaw reduction) from  £250.00
"Lip flip" - subtle lip enhancement   £50.00

Zones are: Frown area, Horizontal forehead lines, Crows' feet. Extra Zones: Nasal bunny lines, Vertical lip lines, Corners of mouth, Chin, Neck bands, Masseter (to slim down a square jaw)


Botox® (excessive underarm perspiration)

Both armpits   £445.00


Juvederm 3 0.55ml  £250.00
Volbella, Volift, Voluma, Juvederm 3 1.0ml  £395.00

Tear trough treatment

Tear trough treatment from  £395.00

The Obagi Nuderm skin care regime

Foaming Gel 200ml  £50.00
Toner 200ml  £50.00
Clear 57g  £110.00
Exfoderm 57g  £90.00
Exfoderm Forte 57g  £90.00
Blender 57g  £100.00
Tretinoin 0.05% (Generic - not Obagi) 30g  £60.00
Tretinoin 0.1% (Generic) 30g  £110.00
Professional c serum 20% 30ml  £120.00
Hydrate 48g  £55.00
Hydrate Luxe 48g  £60.00
Elastiderm Eye Cream 15g  £100.00

A surcharge of £5 will be made for products sent recorded delivery

Obagi Peel

Obagi exfoliative peel   £295.00
Obagi radiance peel   £95.00

Eyelash enhancement

Latisse/Lumigan Bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml

1 month   £45.00
2 months   £85.00
6 months   £170.00

Plus £5 p+p includes applicator brushes

Skinceuticals (Prevent)

CE Ferulic 30ml  £135.00
Professional CE Ferulic 55ml  £165.00
Phloretin CF 30ml  £150.00
Professional Phloretin CF 55ml  £185.00

Skinceuticals (Correct)

AGE eye complex 15ml  £85.00
AGE interruptor 48ml  £160.00

Skinceuticals (Moisturise)

Hydrating B5 gel 30ml  £65.00

Skinceuticals (Protect)

Sheer mineral UV defence SPF 50 50ml  £35.00
Ultra facial SPF50 30ml  £35.00

Payment Methods

Cash and all major debit and credit cards accepted. Cancellation policy £50 if less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is given.