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As we age, so do our energy levels and our ability to repair ourselves after injury.  Think tiredness, lack of drive, slow recovery following exercise.  The enzyme NAD+ is vital for our cells to function.   It is the energy  “powerhouse “ without which we could not survive.

NAD+ levels decline by 50% every 20 years after age 20.  Therefore, by age 60 we have only a quarter of this energy booster than we had aged 20.

Nuchido’s “Time” supplement which  has been subjected to rigorous scientific trials, gives you the building blocks you need to make your own  NAD+.  One cannot take NAD+ directly as it is a large molecule and will not pass through cellular barriers.  This is where other companies claiming to boost NAD+ come unstuck, making false claims without the science.

After 3 months of  taking Nuchido’s time supplements, I feel sharper,  more optimistic and energetic. I shall be taking it for life and I urge you to try it for 3 months.