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Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG

Dr Helen St John MBChB MRCOG

Eighteen years ago when I first started treating clients with Botox® few had heard of this cosmetic treatment. Now, few people have not heard of Botox®. Botox® has actually been used by the NHS for far longer to treat muscular problems such as squints, cerebral palsy etc. Fillers back then were mainly bovine collagen based and typically used to treat nose to mouth lines.

The cosmetic medical industry has grown phenomenally since then. Botox® is not just used to treat facial lines and wrinkles There are numerous other medical applications- the treatment of chronic migraine, excessive underarm sweating, urinary incontinence to name but a few.

Where I see the greatest potential in the non surgical aesthetic industry, however is in the use of fillers. I’m going to talk about fillers, in particular their long term advantages and I’ll be offering value for money to those of you who need a little help in various areas of the face.

Now, as it’s Christmas, I’d like to extend to you a free gift of a rich moisturising cream by Obagi when you purchase an Obagi eye gel (15g) at £95. The two would make a fabulous high quality gift for someone you know whose skin needs a little extra nourishment this winter.


Free – choice of either Obagi Hydrate 48g (rrp £55) or the richer Obagi Hydrate Luxe cream 48g (rrp £60) when you purchase an Obagi Eye Gel (15g) for £95 *

* one per client, offer ends 28.2.17.  £5 extra for p+p






Obagi has been my preferred skincare range throughout my facial aesthetic career.  This is a medical grade skincare system with just a few key products which, when used long term, will result in the following changes to your skin:

1  Increased thickness and elasticity
2  Reduced pore size
3  Healthy glow due to increased blood supply.

Tretinoin cream, in various concentrations will lead to all the above and I highly recommend it.  However, it can cause dryness, redness and flaking in the short term. I love the Obagi moisturisers particularly the Hydrate Luxe as it is so rich and it counters all these irritating side effects making the skin look and feel wonderfully moist. The obagi eye gel is specially formulated for this delicate area and at £95 this quality product represents good value for money.


Fillers and the prevention of facial sagging

I attended an exceptional conference recently. Koenraad De Boulle, a Belgian plastic surgeon shared photographs of his patients over the past 20 years. Every time they attended his clinic for treatment he photographed them. What was striking was that those who had had regular fillers, mainly in the cheek area, over the years showed no signs of ageing. It appears that the presence of fillers in key areas of the face gives support, almost like a hoist.

His lecture demonstrated very clearly to me that by using fillers regularly, perhaps as early as age thirty, we are not only treating but preventing ageing of the face. This might lead many of you to wonder why we should be using fillers at such a young age, perhaps before we really need them. My answer would be that there are actually subtle signs of facial volume loss from as early as age 30.

If we use small quantities of strategically placed fillers over the years  we have a better chance of defying the ageing process rather than waiting until volume loss is advanced, which is too late and more difficult to treat effectively.


Special offer: two fillers (2ml) for £700, three for £950*.
Appointments to be taken within a 3 month period. Offer applies to all choices of filler in all areas of the face.


When fillers are needed to correct several different areas of the face, I find that the final result tends to be best when treatments take place over two or even three sessions. Moreover, I’m finding that I need to use less filler overall if I treat one area first then return for a touch up where necessary. An example is the treatment of the tear trough and upper cheek. When the upper cheek is corrected first, the support given to the under eye area can lead to less filler being necessary to the tear trough area.

As you know, my main goal is that you look natural following filler treatment. I use small amounts in different areas. It’s rather like “photoshopping” the face, subtly reducing imperfections.Those of you with volume loss in the under eye and cheek area often need correction of shadows around the mouth as well. Two or three syringes of filler will look entirely natural if distributed between several areas of the face.


London clinics appointments out of hours

Once again, I do apologise for the inconvenience caused to many of you by the closure of the Wimbledon Park and Kingston clinics. I will be as accommodating as possible at the remaining clinics and am offering evening appointments at each clinic on at least one day each week. The Belgravia clinic in particular might suit many of you who need evening or Saturday appointments.


Annual leave:

Dec 7th to 16th,  Dec 25th, 26th,  Jan 2nd 2017,  February 13th to 19th


Forthcoming clinics:

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I wish you all a very happy time this Christmas and look forward to seeing you again soon.


With all best wishes,

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG
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