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Welcome to those of you who are new to St John Clinic. Newsletters are sent out every three months and always include a special offer (this will apply to friends of yours as well). Aesthetic medicine is a fast growing specialty and I can honestly say that I look forward to work every day. I find what I do enormously satisfying particularly if my work helps my clients feel more confident.

Botox® continues to be my most popular treatment (I am apparently the 4th highest user in the UK!). I’m achieving success in treating the lower face (reducing lines above the lip, lifting mouth corners, slimming the lower face) and smoothing out those ageing neck bands.

My filler use is increasing every year and in this newsletter I’m going to talk about two filler indications –

  • Definition of the lips
  • Dark hollows/ shadows under the eyes

At risk of repeating myself regarding the importance of the mid face, I’m going to offer you a discounted syringe in the hope of enticing you to spend a little more in order to layer this all important area.
My overall aim is to help create a younger, fresher version of you (as you were 10 years ago) without making you look as if you’ve had work done.

Special offer- Naturally defined lips, reduced lipstick bleeding and an improved smile WITHOUT adding volume or looking artificial.
Price £200 (usual price £270) Offer ends 31.8.15

A top model agent is quoted as saying “a model can have beautiful eyes, high cheekbones etc. but if she has a great mouth, she’ll work every day”. We all appreciate the importance of good lips . A great mouth makes us feel sexy. What none of us want, however, is to look in the least bit artificial and the oft quoted “trout pout” naturally fills most of us with fear at the thought of meddling with our lips.

There is no doubt that the lips become thinner and lose their definition with age. Vertical lines above and below the lips can lead to lipstick bleeding. I’m offering to give you back that definition and to gently stretch out those despised little lines with a SMALL amount of hyaluronic acid based filler (such as Juvederm Smile) just inside the border in either or both upper and lower lips.

My aim is to make you feel better about showing off your mouth without anyone else guessing you’ve had anything done. All you’ll need is lip gloss and a smile!

The facts:

  • The filler is not permanent and can be easily dissolved if you wish (within hours/ days).
  • Strong anaesthetic cream applied 10 mins before ensures that the procedure is not painful. The filler also contains anaesthetic.
  • A small amount of Botox® above the lip is included in the price (optional) .The effect is to maintain the volume of the upper lip when you smile. It looks very natural.

Side effects:

  • Lips can swell even with a tiny amount of filler so allow two or three days to achieve the final effect.
  • Those of you prone to “cold sores” should take aciclovir tablets to cover the procedure (I can give you a private prescription).
  • The effect lasts about 6 months on average.

The Tear Trough and cheek area- the importance of treating the cause, not the effect.
Special offer – treat the tear trough (price £500 from 1.6.15) and receive a second syringe for £200 (usual price £350) Offer ends 31.8.15

Fifteen years ago when I started injecting, we used to see lines and wrinkles, such as the nose to mouth lines, and just fill them in an attempt to eradicate them.

Now, those of us who have been in aesthetic medicine for many years are more sophisticated in our approach to rejuvenating the face. We recognise that tear trough hollowing, and folds such as from nose to mouth and at the mouth corners are due to loss of soft tissue and bone which occur over the years. Gravity makes the skin effectively hang and this creates a gaunt, ageing look.

An experienced practitioner would therefore aim to treat the cause of the folds, by layering appropriate fillers at the lid/ cheek junction ( the tear trough), along the cheek bone and in the cheek area itself. By doing so, we automatically lift and improve folds around the mouth and create a more youthful, heart shaped face with emphasis on a feminine curve over the cheekbones ( the “ogee” curve).

Although we can do little about bony loss with age ( those of you able to use HRT will age less rapidly in my opinion) there is much we can do to mitigate the effects of facial soft tissue loss using hyaluronic acid based fillers. The fillers I use, Juvederm and Restylane, are world leaders – safe, long lasting (but not permanent) and look entirely natural. Moreover, it is comforting to know that they can be dissolved within hours or days (by injection of the enzyme hyaluronidase) if desired. Research indicates that the presence of hyaluronic acid based fillers stimulates our skin to produce collagen and therefore promotes skin rejuvenation in the long term.

The tear trough area is classified as an advanced area and there are few aesthetic doctors offering this procedure. I’ve been treating this area for more than three years, often several times per day. I estimate that I have now performed up to a thousand such procedures and therefore have amassed a great deal of experience treating this challenging area. Until now, I’ve been charging £350 per ml for the tear trough when my research shows that six similarly experienced London based doctors charge between £500 and £660. There is often a consultation fee on top. I don’t charge for consultations.

From 1.6.15 I will be charging £500 for 1ml filler in the the tear trough area. However, for a limited period, and in an effort to “ sweeten” this price rise, I’m going to offer you a second syringe at a substantially discounted price of £200. Most of my clients needing tear trough correction will need a layered approach to the upper cheek as well, therefore, by offering a discounted second syringe, I aim to give you a far better, long lasting, yet natural result.

Evening clinics
As I appreciate that many of you work office hours I’m offering you evening appointments as follows;

Monday Fulham until 6.30pm
Tuesday Richmond until 6.30pm
Wednesday Wimbledon until 8pm
Friday Harley St until 7pm

Please note that the clinic phones are unmanned after 6pm but if you are delayed I will wait for you for up to 15 mins past your appointment time.

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I look forward to seeing you at one of the St John Clinics soon.


With warm regards,

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG
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