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Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG

Dr Helen St John MBChB MRCOG

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer.


Botox® loyalty scheme

Many of you will be delighted to hear that from now on I’m going to be more relaxed about the timing of your Botox® treatments while still offering you a free treatment after every four. You will now still be eligible for a free 5th treatment  when your treatments are a maximum of 6 months apart. I’ve decided to reward loyalty and not to penalise those who, for whatever reason, feel unable to keep to 4 monthly intervals.

Please note that those of you already on the scheme will receive your free treatment as expected and will not lose out on the treatments you’ve had to date. Those of you not currently benefitting from the loyalty scheme will start to do so from now on if you attend any time to suit you at 3 to 6 monthly intervals.


The loyalty scheme discounts the average price of Botox® treatment  as follows:

  • 1 zone from £200 to £160
  • 2 zones from £285 to £228
  • 3 zones £340 to £272

Extra zones e.g. to correct drooping at the mouth corners will continue to be charged at £25 (neck and masseter £100) These too will be free after four sessions. Some clients like to vary the number of zones at each treatment session in which case the average number of zones in the preceding four sessions will be free at the 5th treatment session.

I do feel that for the majority, retreatment is necessary every 4 months in order to keep you looking your best but am willing to extend the same offer to those of you who like to attend less frequently.


Consolidation of London clinics

Four years ago I decided to expand my business in London and to set up three new clinics  in quick succession. I considered the possibility of training other doctors to help me. I’ve since decided not to do this and to continue treating clients at all clinics myself.

In order to optimise my available time, I’ve decided to consolidate my London practice to fewer clinics than the current five. By doing so, I will be able to treat more clients per week. In particular, I plan to offer more evening appointments. I will also continue to offer two Saturday clinics per month.

The first clinic to close, later this month, will be Wimbledon Park. I hope, however, that you will find the Fulham Broadway clinic convenient as an alternative option. This clinic is a 3 minute walk from the tube station and there are two car parks close by- Waitrose (90 mins free when you spend £20) and one behind Sainsbury’s at  Fulham Broadway tube. There is also plenty of metered parking on nearby streets, though only permit holders can use them after 6.30pm. Full address 20 Jerdan Place SW6 1BH.

Alternatively you may wish to visit the Richmond clinic (open on 4 days per week), 4 The Quadrant, TW9 1BP or the Harley St Clinic (Friday afternoons), 152 Harley St W1G 7LH.

Appointments for all clinics 020 8946 9694.

We will shortly be giving you a revised timetable of appointments at each clinic.


Dermal fillers and facial aging

The cosmetic medical industry continues to grow year on year and according to research from the States we are seeing the highest growth market being the use of hyaluronic acid based fillers to volumise the face. Most of the aging features of the face are due to changes in the structural support of the skin. Resorption of bone, reduced collagen synthesis and loss of fat in the skin lead t to what I call the “parallel lines of aging”. These are typically the under eye tear trough deformity, the malar (or cheek) crease, nose to mouth lines and drooping of the mouth corners.

What is important to note is that the skin folds in these areas as a result of GENERALISED volume loss . This is important because the solution is not  merely to aim to correct these lines  If we do this, the result is bound to be suboptimal. I agree that the folds may be less evident but in most cases by failing to treat the upper outer cheek area we would end up with persistent sagging and an aged, hollowed look.

I read a fantastic paper regarding the advantages  and uses of volumising hyaluronic acid based fillers written by a prominent American surgeon, sadly now deceased. I would urge you all to read it because it explains just what HA fillers can do in all areas of the face. In summary, hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers provide 3 dimensional correction of the aging face whereas surgery (i.e. face lifts) correct in 2 dimensions and can often accentuate volume loss.

Please follow the link You can see that it was published in 2008  yet I feel that though filler technology has advanced since then, the fundamental principles of the correction of volume loss continue to apply today. HA fillers are safe, natural looking  and allergic reactions are extremely rare. Also, there is a readily available antidote, namely Hyaluronidase which I keep at all my clinics.


Forthcoming clinics outside London:

Sept 3rd/4th  Oct 8th/9th  Nov19th/20th  Dec 10th/11th  Jan 28th/29th 2017

Glasgow/ Edinburgh EH5
Oct 1st  Nov 12th  Dec 3rd  Jan 21st  2017
Edinburgh EH13/ Aberdeen
Oct 2nd Nov 13th  Dec 4th  Jan 22nd 2017


I look forward to seeing you at one of the St John Clinics soon.


With all best wishes,

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG
Dr Helen St John
020 8946 9694