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One of the most heartening medical articles I’ve read in a long time came in the form of a newsletter to members of the college of Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Professor John Studd, probably the most experienced HRT specialist in the country (and also, quite possibly, internationally).

He (like me) has long been extolling the virtues and safety of HRT. He knows only too well how women suffer, particularly from depression, loss of energy, introversion, loss of libido etc as a result of declining oestrogen levels. He sees so many women wrongly diagnosed and treated for depression whose lives are transformed when they stop antidepressants and start oestrogen/ testosterone therapy.

His comments on recent published work by other authors are that there were many flaws in the studies, treatments given and conclusions made. NICE agree with him and the publishers have apparently apologised. Too late unfortunately for the millions of women denied treatment by their GPs.

I was particularly interested in his comments on:
1 there being NO extra risk of oestrogen patches (not tablets) on risk of breast cancer, the risk being more likely to be due to oral progestogens, and
2 his feelings on “bioidentical” hormones.

I’m attaching the newsletter for those of you who are interested. I advise you to read it. You’ll undoubtedly learn something and if nothing else it might make you laugh!
It has been a good year for HRT.pdf


Special Offer – course of 4 exfoliative peels for the price of two (The first two cost £100 each, the next two are free) First peel to be taken by 31.5.18.
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This would benefit those of you whose skin is dull, dry, pigmented with rough texture.
This is an obagi “radiance” peel, strong enough to make a difference being medical and more effective than procedures such as microdermabrasion, but needing no time off work or social commitments. You will look slightly flushed but able to go out straight afterwards.

It’s minimally painful and can be repeated fortnightly. Not suitable if allergic to aspirin, if pregnant or within a week of laser treatments to the face. You will need to stop tretinoin cream 3 days prior to this peel.
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