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Special Offers

Two syringes of your choice of filler £700 (RRP for Voluma £790)

Four syringes for the price of three £1185* (RRP for Voluma £1580)

Can be split into two sessions spaced up to 3 months apart.

Volite 1ml £295   This is the newest filler in the range, suitable for shallow “crepey” lines particularly around the cheek and mouth area. The filler is injected in tiny amounts, easing lines by hydrating the skin. One application lasts for 6 months.


Surgical results using fillers

I attended the annual Allergan conference in February. Allergan produces Botox®, the  world leader amongst Botulinum A toxins with by far the most scientific research behind it.  They also produce Juvederm, their hyaluronic acid based filler range .The conference was based on how fillers can give the sort of results one would expect from surgery.

Market experts have predicted up to 15% growth in the aesthetic medical industry year on year for many years now. However, few have predicted just how popular fillers have become. Their growth  continues to exceed that of Botox® by a wide margin. I’ll explain why.


As we age, generalised loss of tissue in the face (skin thickness, fat, bone) leads to the skin falling towards the midline, so creating features such as under eye shadowing, nose to mouth lines, folds at the mouth corners and a sagging jawline. Until recently surgery has been the only way forward. However as many of you who’ve had a face lift will relate, the surgical procedure with the accompanying risks and downtime is not usually enough in itself and most will need volumisation ( using fat or fillers) as well.

I agree that when ageing is advanced, surgery is indicated. However, a larger proportion of my clients who have mild signs of ageing as outlined above would really benefit from strategically placed fillers from an early age. I do believe that if fillers are used regularly over the years before ageing is advanced, it is possible to obviate the need for surgery altogether.


As ageing features of the face are usually widespread and at different planes, it is important to choose the correct filler for the area and to treat several areas in order to achieve an optimum result.

The message I came away with from this world expert injector is this:  we really can deliver incredible results which look entirely natural, but we need to use the correct amount of filler. The advised quantity for most of us is four syringes.

A typical guide is as follows:

1.    1ml to tear trough/ upper cheek area ( smooths depressions, shadowing, hollowing)
2.    1ml to outer cheek bones (gives support and lift)
3.    1ml in front of the ear  ( gives support, lift and softens a gaunt profile)
4.    1ml to area below the mouth and nose to mouth lines (smooths depressions and folds that persist once 2 and 3 above are treated).


Everyone’s needs are different and the above is only a guide. Some of you will need only one or two syringes overall. Also, from a financial perspective please note that the effect of these fillers lasts  generally between 1 and 2 years so that once the initial work is done, touch ups are often needed once a year.

Finally, bruising is kept to a minimum by using a fine cannula in some areas. By doing so, I can evenly distribute filler  over a large area using only one tiny pin prick.  Ice packs also ensure that the risk of bruising and swelling is low.


Volite- hydrating filler for fine crepey lines- introductory offer £295 per ml offer ends 31.8.17

The sort of lines that would benefit are those multiple shallow lines that form when we smile. These are too shallow and numerous for conventional, heavier fillers. Volite is ideal as it hydrates the whole area, plumping the skin and smoothing out these stubborn lines. In the past, multiple treatments have been necessary at monthly intervals. This newest filler is designed to provide results which last on average for 6 months.


Wimbledon Park clinics at “Strands” 171 Arthur Rd SW19 8AD

I’m happy to report that the reopening of the Wimbledon Park clinic has been well received particularly for those who drive as parking is available right outside this clinic (and it is usually free).


The full timetable is as follows:

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Bath clinics
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I look forward to seeing you at one of the St John Clinics soon.


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