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I hope you’ve been having a wonderful summer. I am pleased to advise in this newsletter that I shall be continuing to offer the following:

1    Lumigan eyelash lengthening lotion- 2 bottles with applicators free (usual price £85 per bottle) when you present for a Botox® or filler treatment before the end of the year (1 gift per client).

The effect on the length of my own lashes is such that mascara frequently stains the skin just below my eyebrows. All I ask is that you email me confirming whether or not your lashes have become longer/ thicker/ darker and whether or not you’ve experienced any untoward side effects;

2    Your choice of any two Juvederm fillers for £700 (usual prices- Juvederm to tear trough £500, Juvederm voluma and volift to cheek/ below the mouth £395, Juvederm 3 to other areas £350); and

3    Fraxel re:store laser for skin rejuvenation- half price course of up to four treatments (Usual prices: full face £800, half face e.g. cheeks only £400).
I’ll also be reminding those of you who are new to the clinic about the Botox® loyalty scheme and about other perhaps lesser know benefits of Botox® on the face and neck.


The aesthetic medical industry – how safe are Botox® and filler treatments?

20 years ago few had heard of Botox®. Now it is a household name and while revered by many as a wonderfully natural way of rejuvenating the face, there are many (perhaps including those who have had an unfortunate experience ) who attribute all manner of unnatural effects to its use. Botox® is in fact incredibly safe. Scientific studies for more than 30 years have shown no long term harm linked to its use, particularly at the low doses used in cosmetic medicine.

Botox® is used on the NHS, often in far higher doses for certain conditions such as cerebral palsy, chronic migraine, bladder instability and I’m sure there will be far more indications over the years to come.

A natural looking result with Botox® to the face is related to the skill and experience of the operator and, in my view, to the follow up appointment for new clients in order to check results. Occasionally the result is suboptimal. All doctors have seen problems during their career. However these rarely last more than a few weeks after which the effect wears off completely. A follow up appointment at 2 to 3 weeks should, I feel, be offered to all new clients but few doctors encourage this leaving clients anxious, upset and less likely to be satisfied with the overall result.


Fillers have gained in popularity at a higher rate than Botox® in recent years. As I’ve explained in several other newsletters, the effects can be so natural and rejuvenating as to defer or even obviate the need for a face lift in the future.

However, unlike Botox®, fillers can be related to some quite serious consequences of which I am often reminded at international conferences. It is for this reason that I feel that fillers in particular should only be administered by medical practitioners with in depth knowledge of facial anatomy and an understanding of pharmacology (e.g. doctors, dentists working full time in cosmetic medicine) and who can deal with potentially serious problems if and when they occur.

Let me reassure you that serious consequences are incredibly rare with hyaluronic acid based fillers such as Juvederm. They are not random events, and are directly related to the skill and experience of the practitioner in avoiding them in the first place or in the ability to recognise and to manage them appropriately.


Botox®- the loyalty scheme, lesser known effects on the face and neck

As of September 2016 once you have had 4 Botox® treatments at least at 6 monthly intervals, your 5th treatment will be complimentary. Most clients, however, will need treatment every 4 months. Many need their crows’ feet re treating every 2 months (in which case I discount this interim treatment to £150). We try our best to remind clients by email at 3 months (6 months in the case of Botox® to the masseter or underarms). Please update us if your details change.


I have found Botox® to be helpful in the following situations:

1    To slim the lower face, for example for those who grind/ clench their teeth (Botox® to masseter £100 as an additional area);

2    To give the lips a natural “Paris” pout ( cost £25 as an additional area);

3    To define the jawline and to reduce “turkey” neck bands ( £100 as an additional area); and

4    To markedly reduce sweating of the forehead, as well as the better known highly effective long term reduction of sweating of the armpits (face from £285, both armpits £445).


New London Timetable from September 2017

Richmond  12 to 4pm
Harley St  5.30 to 6.45pm

Fulham  10am to 2pm
Wimbledon  3 to 6pm

Richmond  2 to 6pm

Wimbledon  10am to 2pm
Fulham  3 to 5.30 pm

No clinics


Belgravia clinics/ Saturday clinics
As of September 2017 these will unfortunately no longer be available.

Harley St – £50 deposit required prior to appointment booking
As of September 2017 appointments will only be made once a deposit is received in advance by debiting your card over the ‘phone. This is because of the higher cost of running this particular clinic. Deposits will only be refunded once you attend your appointment.


Bath clinics- Thursday afternoon clinics from now on
Bath Thurs 24th August/ Thurs 28th September/ Thurs 19th October/ Thurs 16th Nov/ Thurs 14th Dec

Scottish clinics
Aberdeen Sun 3rd Sept/ 8th Oct/ 12th Nov/ 10th Dec


Annual leave
Please note that I will be on annual leave during the following periods:
September 7th to 13th
December 18th to Jan 7th 2018


I look forward to seeing you at one of the St John Clinics soon.


With all best wishes,

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG
Dr Helen St John
020 8946 9694