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It’s been wonderful to see so many of you recently during what has been a very challenging couple of years for so many of us.  It was initially difficult to predict the effect of Covid on the world of aesthetic medicine.  I think everyone has had to adjust to a very different lifestyle (and we still can’t be clear about what the future holds).  Working from home has resulted in the “zoom effect” – seeing ourselves on screen for hours on end both at rest and when animated.  It is widely appreciated that looking our best does tend to have a very positive influence on the confidence we feel and how we interact in both work and social settings.  Seeing ourselves as others see us with varying expressions (talking, smiling, etc) helps us to appreciate what we like/don’t like about our faces.  It also brings focus to our consultation, enabling me to advise on the most suitable treatments for your face and neck.  (I mention the neck, as I can successfully improve the appearance of those unsightly turkey bands by strategic positioning of Botox®).

The young in particular have been vulnerable to the powerful influence of social media and, for example, the “Love Island” look – young women with clearly enhanced lips and cheeks.  We medical practitioners in full-time aesthetic medicine have been campaigning for many years to raise awareness of the dangers caused by non-medically trained practitioners treating the public with dermal fillers and other aesthetic treatments.  These can be dangerous when administered by those without the skill and training to cope with potential complications.  Dermal fillers are still not prescription items so anyone could theoretically buy a filler and inject it.  One bit of good news is that an Act of Parliament was recently passed banning the use of injectables for aesthetic purposes on under 18 year olds.  It is for this reason that we at St John Clinic require proof of age in our younger clients.


Please note that it is advisable that you should not plan Botox® treatments within a week either side of a Covid vaccination (including boosters) and for three weeks either side regarding dermal filler treatments.  I’ll be happy to discuss this with you when I next see you.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL OFFER:  your choice of either:

  • Up to three skincare products half price (to include tretinoin 0.05% and all Obagi skincare products we usually stock), or
  • Up to 6 months eyelash enhancement half price

Historically, I offer a gift at Christmas and this year I’d like to show my appreciation to all of you for your loyalty to St John Clinic over the 22 years that I’ve been working full-time in the field of aesthetic medicine.   I still offer a narrow spectrum of treatments (Botox® and fillers), as I find that these treatments, more than any others, offer good value for money, producing a photographically obvious change for the better.   Add to these medical grade skincare and I feel I can offer my clients all that they need to look their best.


There’s so much choice of skincare on the high street/online all promising youthful looking skin.  I have continued to stock the Obagi Nuderm medical grade skincare, together with products such as tretinoin 0.05% (prescription strength vitamin A) because of the science behind them.  Used regularly, they really do make a difference to your skin .

Tretinoin 0.05%, used at night (a tiny amount  twice weekly initially with increased frequency when tolerated), is much stronger than the retinol containing agents that can be purchased over the counter.  This is the most anti-ageing cream you can buy, promoting exfoliation of the surface dead skin layer causing the skin to look dull and feel rough.  It stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis which slows down with age.  It also fades pigmentation issues and has so many benefits that in an ideal world, I would like all my clients to be using it as much as their skin can tolerate it.

The Obagi vitamin C serums (15% and 20%) are also excellent for morning use as an antioxidant and to repair the damage caused by UV exposure and they have a moisturising quality that counters any temporary dryness caused by tretinoin.  The 15% concentration is more suited to drier skins.

Obagi Exfoderm (no 4) is another favourite of mine, encouraging daily exfoliation.  The Obagi hydrate products (Hydrate and Hydrate Luxe) are excellent as rich night/day moisturisers and I use Obagi Elastiderm eye cream for extra help for the delicate eye area.

Finally, for those of you suffering from melasma/pigmentation issues due to UV exposure, Obagi Clear (no 3) and Blender (no 5) added to your daily regime fades out even stubborn pigmentation over time.  Please feel free to discuss your skin requirements with me at your next visit and I will help you choose the products which will make sure your skin looks its absolute best.

At the bottom of this newsletter is attached a full price list for the Obagi products, tretinoin and eyelash enhancement products that we supply at our clinics.
EYELASH ENHANCEMENT (Bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml, also known as Lumigan/Latisse):

Christmas special offer:  6 months supply half price at £85 (six 3ml bottles and brushes) when you spend at least £300 on Botox®/filler treatment.  Offer ends 31.1.22 or 31.3.22 for clients in Bath/Scotland.

I have for 10 years been prescribing an eye drop to be applied on the roots of the lashes with supplied applicator brushes, containing bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml which was originally scientifically researched and approved for use in the USA to make lashes longer, darker and thicker. This is a prescription item which at my clinics, necessitates a consent form to be read and signed, which I provide.  There are many other lash conditioning agents on the market which neither contain this particular ingredient nor the correct concentration to produce an optimum effect.  They are often sold looking like mascara wands and containing what sounds like the scientifically researched active ingredient.  Several companies have set up online selling what purports to be the same product,  ie. bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml at often extortionate prices per ml (do check this price per ml of product as they often quote a six month supply basing use on a twice weekly, not daily basis) without any medical guidance should issues occur.  I liaise frequently with a consultant ophthalmologist so that I feel comfortable with prescribing this product to my clients.

Many of my clients tell me that this eyelash enhancing product containing bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml, (which incidentally probably improves the eyebrows as well), is the most effective beauty enhancement that they have ever tried.  I advise you to try it for two or three months to assess the benefits of this product.

There are now two London locations only for the foreseeable future: Wimbledon and Richmond.

New Wimbledon clinic:  1 North View, SW19 4UJ

I’m delighted to be practising  on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from this spacious clinic with views over Wimbledon Common.  Please note that if there is space on my drive, you are welcome to use it as there are parking restrictions on North View and surrounding roads in the afternoons.

Please be aware that the clinic is a 25-minute walk or short taxi ride from Wimbledon overground/underground station.
Richmond clinic: 4 The Quadrant, TW9 1BP

Clinics are on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Richmond overground/underground station is only a 3-minute walk away.  I never experience problems parking in the nearby Waitrose car park which incidentally allows you to park for up to 3 hours.
Great Tew clinic:  Chescombe Lodge, Banbury Rd, Chipping Norton, OX7 4BJ

Please note that this clinic is moving next week from Roundhill Farmhouse to the address above.  It is a 4-minute drive away and has the same postcode.  It operates at weekends only.  We will help with directions if needed.

  •  Forthcoming clinics: November 6th, December 4th, 11th

Bath clinic:  The Apthorp Centre, Weston Rd, BA1 2XT

Please note that soon this clinic will be running on Wednesdays/Thursdays instead of Thursdays/Fridays.

  • Forthcoming clinics:  November 3rd/4th/5th FULL; December 1st/2nd
    2022:  January 19th/20th, (February: No clinic), March 2nd/3rd

Scotland clinics:

Forthcoming clinics:
  Nov 27th.    2022: January 29th, March 26th
Aberdeen:                   Nov 28th.    2022: January 30th, March 27th



December 19th 2021 – January 3rd 2022

Obagi price list:

  • No. 1 Foaming Cleanser £50
  • No. 2 Toner  £50
  • No. 3 Clear  £110
  • No. 4 Exfoderm/Exfoderm Forte  £90
  • No. 5 Blender  £100
  • Tretinoin 0.05%  £60
  • Tretinoin 0.1%  £110
  • Hydrate 48g  £55
  • Hydrate Luxe 48g  £60
  • Sunshield SPF50 85g  £60
  • Elastiderm eye cream 15g  £100
  • Eyelash enhancement:  1 month: £45, 2 months:  £85, 6months:  £170


Beverley and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look forward to welcoming you at one of the St John Clinics soon.


With all best wishes,

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG
Dr Helen St John
020 8946 9694