Todays men & women want to look as good as they feel
It has been wonderful to see so many of you recently.  Despite the fact that so many of you missed your usual spring botox treatment due to Covid, the effects of your last treatment have lasted longer than you realise. If you’ve been having botox regularly for several years, you will probably never go back to the way your face would have been had you never had botox in the first place.  Muscles do start to move again, but probably not to their full potential for a very long time.  This means that lines and wrinkles do not get the chance to become etched on the face.


I appreciate that clients, both new and existing, sometimes want to digest information before going ahead with treatment.  Zoom consultations would enable you to discuss your needs and for us to formulate a plan of action from the comfort of your own home.  It might also be beneficial for those who’d like to discuss the effects of their treatment.

Please contact us – preferably by email – to book a brief consultation in order to discuss your needs.


My overall aim at St John Clinic is to make you the most rejuvenated, attractive possible version of yourselves.  Treatments should ideally be carried out progressively over several sessions and to many different areas of the face to ensure that a natural result is achieved.  It is ill-advised to simply place filler in one area and hope to achieve a good result.  An inexperienced practitioner simply fills in lines (nose to mouth lines being common) without considering that these lines are usually due to deflation or volume loss of the face as a whole.

20 years ago Bovine collagen was being used to inflate lips.  Now, fillers are so advanced and the most experienced injectors so adept at treating the whole face that we can turn back the clock by 10 years or more.  In 20 years’ time I predict that surgical face lifts will be seldom carried out.  There will probably always be a need for surgery (eg. severe upper/lower eyelid skin excess) but the full face lift under general anaesthetic carries with it risks which many are not prepared to take.  In order to convey to you how fillers can achieve the effects of a surgical face lift, it is necessary to understand what happens to the face as a result of ageing.

From our 30’s onwards we all progressively lose bone in our face, meaning that our skulls literally get smaller.  The skin itself and ligamentous attachments lose elasticity.  Fat is lost from the deep compartments of the face.  The net result is that because the facial structure is smaller, there is effectively too much skin. This leads to the skin falling in folds, typically around the mouth and jaw.

Those who are lucky enough to be blessed genetically with wide faces – not just prominent cheekbones, but importantly, a wide jaw – fare better in the ageing process because more width means more structural support for the surrounding skin.

The typical features of the ageing face are:

1 Droopy outer eyebrows
1 Under eye hollows/dark shadows/bulging skin
2 Hollowed cheeks
3 Prominent nose to mouth folds
4 Droopy mouth corners
5 Saggy jaw

All of these signs are due to loss of bone, fat and tissue elasticity as described above. Though we cannot replace bone, we can improve ALL the features above with clever use of fillers to the whole face. You may have heard of the “8 point lift” or other terminology which allude to the fact that filling has to be methodical and in a wide range of areas to the face in order to yield a natural outcome that lasts.  Fillers (Juvederm at £395 per ml in my practice) are not cheap and quite rightly so. This is because a little really does go a long way. They stay soft and become quickly integrated into the tissues, ie. they become part of you.

Small amounts in lots of different areas have a big effect which lasts for many years.  I’ve seen clients recently who, several years ago, had a series of between 5 and 12 fillers. They look as good now as they did then. Please note that the volume of 5 fillers fits onto one teaspoon so it is not possible to create an unnatural look if this 5ml is spread out into lots of areas.

SPECIAL OFFER – Multi filler discounts: available for courses commencing from now to March 2021 and completed within a 6-month period of start date.

In order to encourage you to achieve the best possible result, I’d like to offer you several  fillers free of charge according to the following:

Buy 4 receive 1 free
Buy 6 receive 2 free
Buy 8 receive 3 free, etc

I like to go slowly with a few fillers at a time and feel it’s best to split the total number of fillers needed into several sessions.  This reassures my clients that they are in control of their look (and their budget!). It also means that I can reassess outcomes and return to certain areas as many times as necessary.


Few of us are born with the ideal face shape, naturally full lips, etc.  Once structural support has been achieved, it is then time to enhance attractiveness. The need for fine tuning varies from person to person.  It can mean defining thin lips, adding youthful contour to the outer cheek, optimising the tear trough area or smoothing out vertical lip lines.


Once correction is complete, I would expect your look to last for several years. You will probably need your botox every 4 months as usual, but very little per year in terms of filler maintenance.

Please contact me should you wish to book consultation to discuss your own particular needs and I will formulate a plan which is tailored for you.

Address: 18 Caroline Terrace SW1W 8JT

The Fulham clinic is now closed for good but those of you have seen me at the new Sloane Square clinic comment on how easy it is to get to and how light, bright and comfortable it is.  I’ll be there on Tuesdays with most appointments spread out by 40 minutes.

Directions from Sloane Square tube station:
Turn right out of Sloane Square tube station, turn right again at Colbert restaurant into Cliveden Place, then take the first right into Bourne Street. Caroline Terrace is the second turning on the left.
Parking – Westminster Zone A on the street, Kensington/Chelsea on adjacent Bourne Street.  Metered bays available in nearby roads.

LUMIGAN EYELASH ENHANCEMENT – Bottles of bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml can now be supplied

These drops, which make your lashes longer, darker and thicker, have become very popular particularly during the lockdown period.  Until now I’ve been prescribing Allergan’s product that is packaged in tiny vials.  I can now prescribe the generic form of bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml, the virtually identical product, in bottle form.  This gives you slightly more product per month and I’m sure many of you would prefer to use a bottle rather than the current vials.

Pricing will be the same:  1month (1x 3ml bottle) £45, 2 months (2 bottles) £85, 6 months supply (6 bottles) £170.   Brushes are included. Postage and packing (tracked delivery) £5.

CLINIC TIMETABLE – Guide to appointments.  Clinics may be extended according to need:

Monday:        Richmond  2pm to 6.30pm
Tuesday:       Sloane Square  10am to 6.30pm
Wednesday:  Wimbledon Park  2pm to 6.30pm

Bath – The Apthorp Centre, Weston Rd,  Bath BA1 2XT
Nov 5th/6th
Dec 3rd/4th
January 14th/15th
February 4th/5th
March 4th/5th
April 1st/2nd

Glasgow:   Nov 7th, Dec 12th, Jan 23rd, March 6th, April 17th
Edinburgh: Nov 7th, Dec 12th, Jan 23rd, March 6th, April 17th
Aberdeen:  Nov 8th, Dec 13th, Jan 24th, March 7th, April 18th

Thank you so much for being loyal to us. I look forward to a future in which I can, little by little, achieve and maintain the most attractive version of you possible.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the St John Clinics soon.

With all best wishes,
Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG
Dr Helen St John
020 8946 9694