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Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG

Welcome back! I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer.


Special offer- £200 off Juvederm Voluma 2ml until 6.11.12. (Usual price £695. Offer price £495)

The youthful face is characterised by full, gentle contours and a seamless division between the under eye and cheek areas. As we age there is a “dropping” of tissue in the under eye area. Hollowing appears due to a number of factors including laxity of tissues, loss of fat in the skin, enlargement of the bony orbit etc. The cheeks lose plumpness and hollows/depressions appear, particularly in slim people. Juvederm Voluma is a hyaluronic acid based clear gel which restores lost volume in the lower eyelid/upper cheek junction, the cheeks and in the lower face. It is therefore an extremely versatile product. Allergic reactions are extremely rare.


I critically assess the face marking out areas of volume loss. It then takes a matter of minutes with minimal injection points to position the product. Gentle massage ensures even application.

The gel contains local anaesthetic so that the procedure is only mildly uncomfortable. I use ice to minimize swelling and bruising but because this product is placed beneath the skin, bruising and swelling is not usually a problem. Most clients can return to work immediately.

One of the great things about this product is its staying power. The effects are expected to last for a year. Of great comfort to many of you and in keeping with all hyaluronic acid based fillers used at St John Clinics, this product is fully reversible within days.

Juvederm Voluma 2ml £495 until 6.11.12.


New Clinics

I’m delighted to announce two new St John Clinic locations which have now opened:

  1. Parsons Green, London SW6 ( at “Beauty Spot, 185 New Kings Rd, SW6 4SW). You will see my poster in the window, and
  2. Inverness, Scotland ( at Culloden House Hotel, IV2 7BZ)

For all appointments, please email or call the main clinic number 020 8946 9694


Botox® – achieving a brow lift

A good result from Botox® is not just about smoothing wrinkles. Many of you describe looking tired and heavy lidded when your repeat Botox® is due. A successful result from Botox® is all about promoting the elevator muscles of the forehead and downplaying the depressors.

To achieve a brow lift, the most important areas to treat are the frown area and the crows’ feet including the outer part of the eyebrow.This may be news to some of you! As the crows’ feet tend to need treating every 2 months (whereas the frown/ forehead tends to need retreating every 4 months) I can offer a discount of £50 to those returning in between their 4 monthly Botox® to retreat their eyes only (£145 instead of £195).


Botox® – applications around the mouth

Upper lip – “Paris pout”

Did you know that Botox® enhances the fullness of the upper lip? The effect is subtle and many of you prefer it to that of hyaluronic based fillers. When treated, you retain upper lip fullness when you smile (instead of your upper lip disappearing into a thin line). Re-treatment needs to be every 2 months
Botox® to upper lip £50 ( or £25 if added to your usual facial Botox®)

Droopy mouth corners and chin

Do you recognise the term “witches” or “hooked “chin?

An overactive chin (mentalis )muscle causes chin dimpling and a prominent horizontal line beneath the lower lip. Botox® will stop this tendency and will reduce this crease becoming prominent. Droopy mouth corners ( “marionette “lines) are in part caused by the downward pull of the muscles in this area (the depressor anguli oris on each side). Botox® blocks their action so potentiating a “happy” rather than a “sad” mouth

Botox® to mouth corners £50 (or £25 if added to your usual facial Botox®)


Forthcoming clinics

All appointments email or call 020 8946 9694

Hamlet House, Wimbledon Park – Mon – Fri mornings & late afternoons, Friday evenings
Elys, Wimbledon – Mon – Fri afternoons, some Saturdays
Parsons Green – weekly lunchtime clinics
Harley St – Friday lunchtimes
Bath – 16th Sept, 14th Oct, 18th Nov, 16th Dec
Glasgow – 8th Sept, 6th Oct, 10th Nov, 8th Dec
Edinburgh, EH3 – 8th Sept, 6th Oct, 10th Nov, 8th Dec
Aberdeen – 9th Sept, 7th Oct,11th Nov, 9th Dec
Edinburgh EH13 – 9th Sept, 6th Oct, 10th Nov, 8th Dec
Inverness – 7th Oct, 11th Nov, 9th Dec


I look forward to seeing you at one of the St John Clinics soon.


With all best wishes,

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG
Tel 020 8946 9694