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We’re in the middle of winter and we’re being obliged to stay at home. What better time could there be to start a really good skincare regime in order to achieve your best possible skin by spring?

My philosophy – keep it simple and economical with quality products.  I have naturally dry skin.  I had eczema as a child but acne in my 30s.  I’ve been using the below products for many years and my skin has never looked better.  Being in this industry for 20 years, I know that these products are both effective and offer excellent value for money.  Medical grade skincare, as in the Obagi range, may well cause initial side effects.  These include:  dryness, redness, peeling.  Think of this as “shedding the old, bringing in the new.”  Side-effects are expected and are an important stage in your quest towards beautiful skin.  Think of these side-effects as the result of a series of exfoliating peels. You are ridding yourself of a build-up of dead skin cells.  This dead skin layer is what makes your skin look dull and feel rough.

I’ll be around to help answer any questions you may have during this initial process.  Just email us and I’ll either write to you or call if appropriate.  This offer does not replace the free tretinoin offered in my previous newsletter (once you have a treatment worth £300).


There’s no doubt that longer, darker eyelashes enhance attractiveness.  False eyelashes are known to cause damage over time and they need regular replacement, which is not possible during this pandemic.  Now is a great time to explore the possibility of enhancing your own using a product which is scientifically proven to work (see below).

I’ve been using bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml for many years.  It has really made a difference to both my eyelashes and eyebrow hair.  Unlike other products sold over the counter which are essentially hair conditioning agents, bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml is a prescription item.  You will need to sign a consent form (electronically) that you have read and understood the information given before we can send this product out to you.

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My own choice of products (usual prices): 

(1)   Obagi Nuderm cleanser – £50 (lasts me about 6 months).  This is a gentle, non-perfumed gel cleanser used with water and it does not irritate the skin or make it dry.
(2)   Obagi Vitamin C 20% – £120 – 3 drops each morning is all you need to repair damaged skin and as an antioxidant.  It leaves the skin with a lovely, moisturised glow.  This product lasts me about 6 months.
(3)   Obagi Nuderm Exfoderm – £90 – this is my day exfoliator and has a creamy, moisturising texture.
(4)   Tretinoin 0.05% – £60 generic (or £100 for the Obagi brand).  A pea-sized amount at night is all you need.  You could apply twice weekly until your skin can tolerate daily use (please see notes below).
(5)   Obagi Elastiderm eye cream – £100.  This light, creamy product is specially formulated for the eye area.

My own regime is:

(1)   Cleanse
(2)   Vitamin C
(3)   Exfoderm

(1)   Cleanse
(2)   Tretinoin
(3)   Eye cream

Pigment problems
Many of you have problems with pigmentation/melasma which worsens in sunlight.  For mild cases, my own regime above is enough to keep pigmentation at bay. For those of you with moderate pigmentation issues, I recommend adding one more product to the above regime, namely Obagi Blender (£100), containing 4% hydroquinone, which is an effective lightening agent.  You need a pea-sized amount to be mixed with tretinoin at night.  With severe melasma, I would recommend adding Obagi Clear (£110) which contains hydroquinone 4% and is formulated to attack pigmentation at a different depth to Obagi Blender.

Tretinoin 0.05% cream

What is it?
This is a prescription strength cream used to treat acne, sun damaged skin and fine wrinkles. Used long term, it makes skin smoother, less wrinkled and reduces the appearance of dark spots.

How does it work?
By promoting rapid exfoliation and by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. It, therefore, makes skin look younger over time.

What side effects should I expect?
You may experience redness, dryness, itching and flaking which will improve as your skin gets accustomed to this cream.

How much should I use?
Start by using a pea-sized amount only at night on clean skin.  If side effects cannot be tolerated, reduce application to alternate day use until symptoms improve.

What precautions do I need to take?
You should not use this cream if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  You should use SPF 30 when in sunlight as this cream makes you more vulnerable to sunburn.

Finally, you should avoid all facial waxing/peels while you are using this cream as your skin is more likely to burn.

Dr St John’s comments:
“This cream has been my only night cream for more than ten years.  All the scientific evidence points towards this cream being the most anti-ageing preparation that money can buy and I can testify to this from its effects on my own skin.

If you can manage the initial side effects, it is well worth persisting as you will be rewarded with refined, glowing, youthful skin.”

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Usual price:  1 month’s supply:  £45
2 months’ supply:  £85
6 months’ supply:  £170

Lumigan (bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml) eyelash enhancement)
This product is a prescription item which is scientifically proven following medical trials to make lashes longer, darker and thicker.  It may also improve growth of the eyebrow hair. The following information summarises some of the important points:

(1)   It should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
(2)   Those with hazel eyes should note the very rare possibility of the hazel part of your eye becoming progressively darker over time.  This may be permanent.
(3)   Any slight darkening of the eyelid skin is thought to be reversible once the drops are discontinued.
(4)   Contact lens wearers (particularly those wearing the same lens for several weeks) should take extra care to avoid the small risk of infection.
(5)   Shrinkage of the fat cells in the tissues around the eyes might result in a slightly hollowed look in susceptible clients.  This has been reported in clients using these drops in the eye for the treatment of glaucoma.  It is not known if this side-effect occurs in those using drops on the eyelid for the purpose of eyelash enhancement.  Conversely, this side-effect can improve the appearance of those with puffiness around the eyes where there is excess periorbital fat.  This side-effect is reported to usually reverse within weeks of discontinuing the use of this product.

Notes on use
(1)  Each bottle contains at least one month’s supply. There is unlikely to be any loss in efficacy by the end of one month.
(2)   Apply one drop to the roots of the upper lashes at night (2 drops per day total) using an applicator brush.
(3)   Store bottles away from sunlight (fridge is not necessary).
(4)   Replace applicator brushes regularly to reduce the small chance of infection.
(5)   Mild irritation is common over the first few days.  If this continues, you should stop using this product.

Notes on efficacy
(1)  Continuous daily use for 2 or 3 weeks is necessary to see an effect.
(2)   Lashes are thought to retain their maximum length after 2 to 3 months continuous use.
(3)   It is thought that twice weekly use thereafter maintains lash length.

To take advantage of the above offers, please email us at:    Should you experience any issues with any of the products, please do not hesitate to get in touch, preferably by email.

With all best wishes,

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