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Achieving a face lift using Juvederm fillers- special offer 5th filler free

The medical aesthetics industry has never been more exciting. It is now quite possible to achieve “surgical’ results by using fillers in multiple areas with results lasting for several years.

Almost all the features of the ageing face are due to widespread volume loss. When volume disappears over time, the skin  loses its support and has nowhere to go but downwards. This typically results in the following features:

•    Undereye hollows/ cheek creases
•    Nose to mouth folds
•    Folds below the mouth corners
•    Sagging of the jawline

The main problem I have is educating my clients that fillers, strategically  positioned, using small quantities in multiple areas will create a fresher, younger and more attractive face. Fillers still have such a bad press due to the media publishing photos of puffed up faces. This, quite understandably has led many to associate fillers with an unnatural look.

When I assess a client, I note the following:

  1. Positive features
  2. Ageing features
  3. Facial proportion eg face shape, lip size/ definition
  4. Thickness of the skin and underlying structures

By doing so, I can estimate how much filler will be needed to make my clients look their very best.

Even the most beautiful models can be upgraded by a touch of filler here and there. This starts with an appreciation of what makes a face beautiful. However experienced  we aesthetic doctors may be, if we cannot appraise the face as a whole and pinpoint how to make it more beautiful and, importantly, prioritise treatment according to need and budget, then we will never achieve really great results.

The following are examples of packages from which the majority of my clients will benefit. However, it is up to you how far you go with fillers and it is entirely acceptable for you to try one or two fillers and to add more as and when you feel comfortable:


The 10 filler face lift- pay for 8 get 2 free

Those of you who have all the signs in my opening paragraph will probably need 10 fillers overall in order to look your best.
Please note that each filler syringe is 1ml and a teaspoon is 5ml  so that 10 fillers is the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of product!
You may be wondering how a seemingly small amount of product  can achieve such great effects . The answer lies in the special qualities of Juvederm in that it integrates (does not move) providing both correction and lift.
Also, it can have a positive influence on muscle action in the vicinity thereby further increasing lift.

Typically, 3 sessions will be needed. Treatment includes the  following areas:
Structural support- outer cheek, mid cheek, temple/ eyebrow ,in front of the ear, jawline and chin
Fine tuning- mid cheek, undereye, folds around the mouth, lip definition etc.

Ideally, during your first session I would use 5 fillers (cost £1975), your second 3 fillers (cost £1185), you third 2 fillers (free).  However you can split treatments into as many sessions as you like.


The 5 filler face lift- pay for 4 get 1 free

Those of you who either have only one or two of the four classic ageing features above or who would benefit from fillers to increase attractiveness (e.g. cheek prominence, lip fullness, eyebrow lift) would need 5 or less fillers. This could be divided into 2 or 3 sessions according to preference eg first session 3 fillers (cost £1185) second session 2 filers (cost £395 as one is free)


Most filler work I now do using fine cannulae. A cannula is a fine, blunt ended tube and enables me to distribute filler in the target area using only one tiny pinprick per area. This technique is often safer than multiple  needle puncture  and usually causes no bruising at all. In fact, it is quite usual for my clients to see the effects instantly and to leave the clinic without feeling self conscious because there is little sign of redness or swelling.

Appointment time
Those of you requesting multiple fillers will need a longer appointment. Please make this clear when you book. A double or triple appointment is necessary in order to assess you, discuss treatment options, take photographs, prepare your skin, treat you and discuss aftercare etc. My receptionists will guide you as to appointment length.

You should not apply make up on the day of treatment It is quite common to experience a little puffiness for a coupe of days following treatment. You can use anti-inflammatory tablets such as ibuprofen. I also find that arnica tablets used regularly tend to hasten recovery.

The latest Juvederm products are incredibly long lasting. It is not unusual to see results that last for years. Once the desired effects are achieved, typically maintenance perhaps of one or two syringes is needed each year.

Tear trough pricing
I now charge by filler ( £395 each) not by area so will not be charging £500 for the tear trough area per se. I find that those with  tear trough issues usually benefit from 2 syringes- one in the upper cheek for support and one finer product in the immediate undereye area. Two syringes will usually give a better, longer lasting result.
Those of you who have been treated this year and paid £500 for one syringe will benefit from a second syringe for £290 to be taken whenever it suits you.

Loyalty schemes for both Botox® and fillers 
As with Botox®, once you’ve had 4 fillers your 5th will be complimentary. I introduced this offer in December 2017 in order to encourage my clients to achieve a better result using more fillers. Unlike Botox® which (as of September 2016) needs to be taken at least every 6 months, there is no minimum interval between fillers. Therefore you could if you wish have one filler per year for 4 years after which you will receive a free one.


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