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Christmas offer – one month free eyelash enhancement (lumigan, bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml, usual price £45) when you spend £200 on treatments, skincare or gift vouchers at St John Clinic. Offer ends 30.3.20 (31.5.20 clients in Bath/Scotland). One per client.

I’m delighted to offer you the chance of longer thicker, darker lashes over the Christmas season. As described in previous newsletters, these prescription eyedrops, when applied daily to the roots of your lashes are scientifically proven to work. Your lashes will look naturally enhanced without the potential for damage caused by false lashes, far more convenient and cheaper in the long run. Please note that results may not be seen before 3 weeks of daily use. Once maximum length is achieved, it is thought that twice weekly use is necessary to maintain your enhanced lashes.

I prescribe the original higher strength dose of bimatoprost on which all the original studies were done. Many online clinics sell bimatoprost 0.1mg/ml which is a third as strong and which is unlikely to work as well. As this is a prescription product I shall require a brief consultation with you if you have not used it before. This could be by way of a telephone call if you cannot attend any of our clinics.
My usual pricing is 1 month £45, 2 months £85 and 6 months £170.

Clients at all clinics can benefit from this offer once they spend at least £200 on any treatment, skincare or gift voucher purchase. Gift vouchers can be purchased for any amount so you could, for example buy two vouchers for £100 each and receive one months’ supply of lumigan for yourself, free of charge.
You could upgrade to 2 months supply for £40 or to 6 months supply for £125. Applicator brushes included. P+P £5.


Rejuvenation of the lower face with Volux, the latest product in the juvederm range.

I notice more and more that it is the lower third of our faces that are letting us down. Botox is great for the top third in particular (forehead and crows feet). Fillers, when strategically placed in the mid face (i.e. between eyes and mouth) gently volumise, removing problems such as undereye hollows, sunken cheeks and nose to mouth folds.
The area that has not until recently been given enough attention is the jowls and chin area. Once we understand the changes in this part of the face that occur as we age, we can appreciate what measures are needed in order to correct them.

As we age, the following changes take place in the lower face:
1 Bone loss in the mandible (and in the skull as a whole) leads to shortening of the lower face
2 The chin reduces in both size and prominence
3 The jaw itself (between the earlobe and chin) reduces in length and prominence
4 The skin and fat overlying the jaw droop due to the effect of gravity. This results in folds below the mouth and a jawline that is no longer straight

With correctly positioned hyaluronic acid based fillers, we can “coat” receding bone, adding volume and support. This results in “stretch” to the overlying skin. Practically this can be done by strengthening both ends of the jaw, the chin and the bony prominence below the earlobe. By doing so, we effectively stretch the jaw between these two points making it straighter. More filler can be strategically placed to the jawline itself for further definition. The end result is:
1 a defined, more youthful jaw
2 a reduction in folding of the skin around the mouth, and
3 an improved balance between the upper, mid and lower parts of the face

Volux is the ideal product for this area. I charge £395 per ml (as I do for all other fillers in the range).
Rejuvenation of the jaw area will need 2 to 4 fillers depending on severity. The effects last up to two years.


Out of hours appointments in London
Please note that although formal London clinics take place on Mondays to Thursdays (between 1pm and 6.30pm) I can offer appointments outside these hours at the Belgravia clinic, 52 South Eaton Place SW1W 9JJ. This clinic is a few minutes walk from both Sloane Square and Victoria tube stations.

Bath Clinics
  Thursdays Dec 12th, Jan 2nd 2020, and every 3 weeks thereafter
Great Tew, Oxfordshire clinics
  Fridays 4pm to 6pm
Scotland clinics
Glasgow/ Edinburgh
  Dec 14th, Feb 8th 2020, March 21st, May 2nd
  Nov 30th, Jan 18th 2020, Feb 29th, April 11th, May 23rd

Annual leave
  Dec 21st to 28th


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you at one of the St John Clinics again soon.


With all best wishes,

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG
Dr Helen St John
020 8946 9694