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I’m delighted to be going back to Arthur Road, a moment’s walk from Wimbledon Park tube station.

Regal Nails, 144 Arthur Road, SW19 8AQ is a family run refurbished salon.  I plan to hold clinics on two half days per week initially from January 2024.  Parking on Arthur Road is free from 3pm Monday to Friday.

Please email us to book an appointment:


Refurbishment of my home clinic is going well and I plan to re-commence clinics in the spring of 2024.  This clinic will replace the Fulham clinic, so that from then onwards I’ll be working from 3 clinics in London: Wimbledon, Wimbledon Park and Richmond.

NAD+ SUPPLEMENTS ( “Nuchido Time”) – introductory offer £60 per month for 3 months, free delivery (RRP on Nuchido website £70 per month including delivery)

I’m intrigued by the latest science concerning how to live better for longer.  You may have read about NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and the role this enzyme plays in powering all of our cellular functions.  Without it we would apparently be dead within 30 seconds!

NAD+ declines by 50% every 20 years of our lives.  Lack of NAD+ contributes to many of the symptoms typically experienced by menopausal women (and probably men in ”andropause” as well!). These include “brain fog”, inertia, delayed recovery after physical exertion, etc.  Please spare a moment to read this article in the Financial Times from August this year.

NAD+ is boosted by twice daily food supplements.  “Nuchido Time” is formulated by Nuchido laboratories to provide our cells with the building blocks to make NAD+.  Ingredients include Vitamin C, zinc and niacin.  Nuchido Laboratories have produced evidence based scientific trials to back effectiveness in boosting NAD+.  As you are aware, not all supplements are the same whatever the packaging states.  It’s all about bioavailability and research to back up claims made.

I’ve been taking Nuchido Time supplements for one month now and I am certain that I feel more energetic and purposeful than I did before.  I’ll be taking it for life!  I urge you all to try it.


SKIN BOOSTERS – Polynucleotides and skin regeneration – very special introductory offer £750 for 3×2 ml syringes (one area treated), £1250 for 6 (two areas treated (RRP £1200 for 3 in other Doctor led London clinics).  Offer ends 29.2.24.

The buzz in aesthetic medicine is all about regeneration – encouraging our own cells to produce collagen and elastin in order to tighten and  heal our skin from within.  I think many are nervous of fillers as there are so many unnatural looking faces on social media.  Fillers will always have a very important place in my practice.  A great result from fillers results from the correct amount placed in several areas in order to lift and rejuvenate.

Polynucleotides are skin boosters with a difference in that they don’t volumise.  They stimulate your skin to rejuvenate itself.  Ideal areas are around the eyes, mouth, on cheeks and neck.  Three treatments are needed spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart.  You would expect to see improvement after the second treatment.  A top up of 1 or 2 syringes is recommended every 6 months.


2nd Thursday of the month:  December 14th.  2024: January 11th, February 8th, March 14th

Address:  St John clinic at the Apthorp Centre, Weston Road, Bath BA1 2XT

Saturdays:  2024:  February 3rd, March 2nd

Address: 45 The Green Dental Practice, 45 S Bar Street, Banbury OX16 9AB
Free parking is available behind the clinic (via Crouch Street)


2024: January 27th, March 23rd

Address:  Inverleith Dental Centre, 25 Inverleith Row, EH3 5QH

2024: January 28th, March 24th

Address:  I Smile Dental Clinic, 322 George Street, AB25 1HJ

Aberdeen / Edinburgh  – every 8 weeks approx.

December 23rd 2023 to January 7th 2024.
I wish you all a very happy time this Christmas and very much look forward to seeing you again soon.

With all best wishes.

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG MBCAM
Dr Helen St John
020 8946 9694