Todays men & women want to look as good as they feel



I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and are ready to face the Autumn with vigour and optimism.

At St John Clinic and with the benefit of 24 years experience, my aim is to keep you looking fresh and natural using what are generally regarded to be the top two treatments – Botox® and fillers.  With these I can deliver a personalised treatment plan to make you as attractive and fresh as possible.  Moreover, with value for money very much on everyone’s minds, I have the confidence to give those of you that need it higher than usual doses in order to maintain your results for as long as possible.  I’m very much aware of the ever increasing choice of aesthetic practitioner.  I haven’t increased my pricing for at least 5 years (though my own drug and utility costs have increased).  My pledge to you is to keep prices the same at least until the end of 2024.

My goals can be summarised as follows:

Botox® – doses that not only achieve the look that you want but that last longer than other less experienced practitioners can achieve.

Fillers – a  highly individualised treatment plan which addresses several areas of the face. Small quantities, placed at the correct depth in different areas, ensures that your contours are in unison – a natural look that lasts for years.  I’d love you to look at the before and after photos on my website. I think they highlight what I aim to achieve – “surgical” results without the surgery.


Tretinoin 0.05% cream (buy direct from the Shopify area of my website:
30g – £60 / 10g – £30.

This has been my only night cream for many, many years – widely regarded by dermatologists as the single, most effective anti-ageing treatment you can buy.  At this prescription strength, following regular use it will bring life to your skin by increasing cell turnover.  This results in shedding of dead skin cells with their replacement on the surface by newer cells, creating a glow, a tightness with the removal of pigmentation patches over time.  Expect side effects of redness and peeling in the short term (manage by using a tiny amount twice per week initially); this will lessen over time with long-term effects well worth the wait.

Safety is always on my mind.  I only use products which are reversible and I encourage you to get in touch following your treatments should you have any concerns.

This last goal is going to be very much foremost in our minds as it is inevitable that the media will increasingly publish photos of “botched” aesthetic injectable treatments.  Non-medical practitioners should not be working within this industry.  The public do not realise just how frequently treatments, particularly by beauticians, are going disastrously wrong.

SLOANE SQUARE CLINIC – 20% discount offer on Botox®/filler treatments for existing and new clients ends on October 25th 2023.

Address: 85 Bourne St, SW1W 8HF

Clinics: Wednesday afternoons

This clinic, in a great location close to Sloane Square, has been very popular with clients and I’m delighted to extend this discount to you and to anyone you refer.

“LIP FLIP”/ “PARIS LIP”  – £50 (or £25 when added to your usual Botox®treatment)

I must urge you to try Botox® above your upper lip as it gives you a lovely but subtle lip enhancement.  It also helps reduce a “gummy“ smile.  By relaxing the muscles it makes the upper lip fuller when you smile.  A good (and economical) prelude to filler for those who are too nervous to try filler straight away.

PROFHILO –  £200 offer per treatment to continue (usual price £400)

This highly popular skin hydrating injectable treatment continues to attract those wishing to improve skin texture without any change to the volume/contours of the face.  Initially, two treatments, spaced a month apart, are advised.  After that, one or two treatments every 6 months will maintain your skin’s hydrated appearance.

LATISSE (bimatoprost 0.3mg/ ml) eyelash enhancement – pricing (includes postage): £60 for 1 bottle, £100 for 2, £180 for 4, £240 for 6.  Use-by date about 2 years.

This product is reportedly great for enhancing eyebrow hair as well.  You can purchase supplies from the Shopify area of our website.  Again, we aim to continue to price as competitively as possible. Deduct £5 from your order for products purchased in clinic.


We have been accepting American Express card payments for several years now.  Please note, however, that you need to have your card physically with you in order to pay for treatments in clinic.


Our home refurbishment is progressing well and we expect to be able to resume Wimbledon clinics in Spring next year.  In the meantime, Fulham clinics will continue to be held at 7 Ranelagh Avenue SW6 3PJ.

BATH CLINICS – The Apthorp Centre, Weston Road,  BA1 2XT

– September 14th, October 12th, November 9th, December 14th

BANBURY CLINICS – 45 S Bar Street, Banbury OX16 9AB (free  car parking behind the clinic, accessed via Crouch Street)

– September 2nd, October 7th, November 4th, December 9th

EDINBURGH CLINICS – 25 Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5QH

– September 23rd, November 25th , January 27th 2024

ABERDEEN CLINICS – 322 George Street, AB25 1HZ

– September 24th, November 26th, January 28th 2024


I very much look forward to seeing you at one of our clinics again soon.


With all best wishes.

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG MBCAM
Dr Helen St John
020 8946 9694