Todays men & women want to look as good as they feel



As the weather improves and with the prospect of some lovely summer events coming up, there is no better time to freshen up your face with a little Botox®/filler!

The “Botox® effect” is a strange thing.  Even I get caught out by wondering why I look tired/less than my best, only to realise that it’s because my Botox® has worn off!  Within a few days of my usual Botox® I feel I look so much better – lifted, fresher and more positive about life in general.

This is what Botox® should do – give you an indefinable freshness.  Not an odd look with eyebrows slanting upwards (or worse still, hooded eyes).  The best effect for you is achieved due to my years of experience and knowledge of the anatomy of the facial musculature to enhance lifting muscles and to downplay depressors.  It’s balance that matters and no-one is the same.  In fact we are all changing which means that I always review the dose I give you at each session.  Also those entering the industry (and there are myriads of them!) are not taught how I was – by a plastic surgeon.  I was taught to have the confidence to use strong doses when needed, eg. some women and all men.  Strong doses generally result in more lift in certain areas and will make your look last longer so you are not constantly re-attending for top-ups every few weeks.

And then there is the beauty of fillers to enhance your features.

What I’m doing a lot of at the moment is subtle lip definition.  This effectively means not obviously adding volume, rather a tiny amount of filler to define what you already have.  The beauty is that you look entirely natural and any lip lines around the perimeter are stretched out.  Subtle lip definition is very cost effective.  It will cost you £250 and will last up to a year.  This treatment is not painful and does not swell much at all because I use strong anaesthetic cream and the minimum number of pin pricks possible to ensure even coverage.  Finally, particularly anxious clients can be re-assured by the fact that it can be dissolved in minutes.

Eyelash enhancement/Obagi skincare, SPF

You may not realise but I now have a “Shopify” area on my website for all eyelash enhancement/skincare purchases.  This means that you can pay securely online (all debit/credit cards accepted) whenever you wish without having to call the clinic.

Once you’ve paid, an email is generated and we process your order the next business day, by signed delivery.

Prices for Lumigan/Latisse/Obagi skincare are very competitive.  In fact, I have not raised my prices for Obagi for many years.  At this time of year I can particularly recommend the SPF 50 which comes in a large tube so should last you for the whole of the summer.

Botox to masseter

I’m seeing a lot more evidence of tooth clenching – a habit usually due to stress and particularly evident since the Covid pandemic began.  Repetitive tooth clenching/grinding leads to enlargement of the masseter muscles, leading to a square shaped jaw.  This is a masculine look which can be very effectively reversed using large amounts of Botox® to these muscles.  The result is a more oval face and less pressure on your teeth long term if you keep it up.  The effect usually lasts at least 6 months.

I’m finding that my clients are needing a lot stronger doses than previously (usually much more than the dose of two facial areas combined, costing £300).  Therefore, I feel I ought to increase the price of massteric Botox® to £300 from £250 as it has been until now.   If you do some research I think you will find that even £300 is very well priced for this indication.

Scottish clinics 

I really enjoy these busy weekend trips and am thinking that offering clinics every two months is not really enough for everyone.  I think it would be beneficial for all if I were to add a few clinics during the year especially at busy times to ensure that you have more choice of appointments.

Clinics coming up are as follows:

May 27th Edinburgh, May 28th Aberdeen, July 29th Edinburgh, July 30th Aberdeen

I’m considering holding three clinic weekends in September/October/November instead of two.  Once we clarify what is possible for clinics and staff, we will announce dates in a future news bulletin.

American Express accepted at our clinics 

Please note that Amex payments are only possible if you physically have the card with you (unlike all others which are accepted once saved on your phone/watch, etc).

Fulham clinics – 7 Ranelagh Avenue, SW6 3PJ 

Drivers who are not resident in the area – please beware the “Clean Air scheme” is in operation effectively meaning that you will receive a penalty ticket for driving down certain roads.

It’s very easy to drive to this clinic and to avoid a fine.  Simply look up “Grimston Road” off the New Kings Road. This road leads directly over Hurlingham Road onto Ranelagh Avenue.  You can park on our/neighbouring streets but you must not drive on Hurlingham Road as far as the western end of it where there is a camera.  Also, for those driving north up the Wandsworth Bridge Road, please do not try to take a left tun before you reach the New Kings Road.  By trying to cut through the roads to the west of Wandsworth Bridge Road you are also risking a penalty ticket.

Wimbledon clinic

I’m pleased to report that refurbishment of this clinic is moving along really well.  However, due to the scope of the work, it is unlikely that the Wimbledon clinic will reopen until Christmas.

London clinic timetable

Monday am Fulham, pm Richmond
Tuesday am Richmond, pm Fulham
Wednesday am Richmond, pm Fulham

Bath clinics 

June 22nd, July 19th, no August clinic, September 20th, October 18th, November 15th, December 13th.

Banbury clinics

June 3rd, July 8th, August 5th, September 2nd, (October TBA), November 4th, December 9th.


I do hope you enjoy the summer and very much look forward to seeing you at one of our clinics soon.

With all best wishes.

Lady St John of Bletso MBChB MRCOG MBCAM
Dr Helen St John
020 8946 9694