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In this newsletter I’m going  to focus on the following treatments:

(1)  PROFHILO OFFER – £200 per 2ml treatment for face, neck or décolleté

(2)  POLYNUCLEOTIDES and their role in rejuvenating the skin’s texture (more of this in the next newsletter)

(3)  JAW RE-SHAPING – how to achieve a “snatched jaw” a-la Margot Robbie in “Barbie”!  Offer: four fillers for the price of three

Also, I’d like to announce:

(4)  SKINCEUTICALS – we are delighted to be offering the sale of this excellent medical grade skincare range.  Particular favourites are the vitamin C serums, eg. CE Ferulic and Triple Lipid Phosphate and age correcting/moisturising creams.  Also retinol 1% for those of you who like the collagen stimulating effects of a medical grade cream but cannot tolerate the usual tretinoin 0.05% cream that I advise.  BEWARE – many websites sell counterfeits of these products.  On my site you will be getting the real thing at as competitive a price as possible.  We can source any product you wish from this range. Please let us know what you would like and we will send it to you.

SPECIAL OFFER: 10% off RRP/Skinceuticals products with postage included

Skinceuticals (Prevent)

CE Ferulic   30ml   £149.00
Phloretin CF   30ml   £149.00

Skinceuticals (Correct)

AGE eye complex    15ml     £87.00
AGE interruptor advanced    48ml   £158.00
Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2    48ml   £148.00
Retinol 1.0    30ml     £72.00

(5) SHOPIFY area of my website – you can now purchase all Obagi skin products and eyelash enhancement directly from this area of my website using all major credit/debit cards.  We will shortly be updating this area with our Skinceuticals products too.

I’ve only ever offered aesthetic medical treatments that I feel make a discernible difference and that offer you value for money.  There’s nothing quite like Botox® for freshening the face but it does need repeating every 3 to 6 months.  I love using fillers to sculpt the face.  I’m so used to assessing faces that I know immediately what to do to add structure to a face using small quantities in multiple areas.  Once this is done, it’s a case of making you even more attractive, for example by adding a little along the cheekbones or in the lips.  Fillers represent excellent value because unlike Botox® the effects can last for years.  I’m offering four fillers for the price of three to lift and re-shape your jawline.

JAW RE-SHAPING  – one complimentary filler when you pay for three

Most of us of a certain age notice one or more of the following:  a saggy ill-defined jaw line, depressed mouth corners, double chin.

The cause:  loss of bone density in the lower half of the face and loss of elasticity of ligaments and skin.  The skin is less “tight“ and supported and it hangs down around the jaw area.

Do not worry – help is at hand!  By placing fillers firstly at the sides of the face to provide lift and support, it is then a matter of fine tuning by strengthening the chin and defining the jawline itself.  The results can be incredibly good and generally last for two or more years.  I cannot do all this with only one syringe, but I can give you a really great result if you are prepared to be guided as to how many fillers are needed depending on the extent of the problem.

One thing I would like to point out about fillers in general:  fillers in expert hands will make you look thinner and more contoured, not fatter and certainly never unnatural.

POLYNUCLEOTIDES AND SKIN REGENERATION – the latest in skin science – introductory offer

Research into the science of ageing means that we are now able to boost how our ageing cells work. There is some very impressive research coming out on the role of polynucleotides, the latest scientifically proven way of regenerating your skin by boosting its collagen production.  It is particularly suited to those with shallow ageing lines around the eyes, on the cheeks and for those irritating lines around the mouth.  It is also suitable for the loose skin of the neck and for the sun damaged décolleté area.  It is an injectable gel, but not a filler as such as it does not volumise.  It is therefore different to standard fillers, eg.  Juvederm/Profhilo.  Three sessions are needed, spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart.  After the second treatment you should notice that your lines are less noticeable, your skin looking fresher and younger.  One 2ml syringe effectively treats two areas which include the eye area, shallow cheek lines, lines around the mouth, neck, décolleté.  As a guide, two syringes at each session will treat the whole face.

I’m offering the first few clients (at all clinics) to book in a course of three 2ml syringes for £750 or six syringes for £1200.  Many of you would benefit from two syringes per session enabling greater areas to be treated.  Maintenance of one or two syringes every six months is advised.  Payment for the course is at the first session.  This offer represents excellent value, as I gather that some clinics offer this treatment at £300 to £500 for one syringe.

PROFHILO – £200 per 2ml treatment

This filler, which targets the skin making it look hydrated and glowing, is on offer for another 3 months.  A great choice for the party season coming up!   At £200 per treatment, it represents excellent value (many London clinics charge £400 per treatment).  There is little downtime with Profhilo.  All I ask is that you do not use make-up on the lower half of your face for 6 hours afterwards.  The effects are apparent within a couple of days and the effects on the skin last for months. It can also be used on the neck and décolleté.  Once you’ve had two initial treatments one month apart, a top-up is recommended every 6 months.



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